Frequently Asked Questions

At Nature In Bottle, we value honesty and transparency. We are a non-MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company, selling online directly to the consumer, thus having have zero middle men. Our pricing is always wholesale, for every customer - our intention has always been to ensure the best quality natural oils and cosmetic ingredients are affordable for everyone - from new artisans with emerging businesses to established professional cosmetic manufacturers. There is no need to sign up or become a member to avail the benefits of our wholesale pricing. We do not have any separate wholesale and retail "tiers" and “membership plans”, which often end up increasing the cost of products for everyone. Again, there are no additional markups for "distributors" and “retailers”, which would have been necessary if we also sold in stores or other marketing systems.

Through on-going relationships with leading suppliers all over the world, we can offer the most competitive wholesale prices. We have combined the purchasing power of all our global locations to negotiate high-volume contracts during the harvest season that allow us to pass on substantial savings to our customers, as well as offer special pricing for bulk orders. We remain committed to rolling back prices as we negotiate better volume discounts with our suppliers, as we continue to grow globally.

All of Nature In Bottle’s natural oils are 100% pure, free from any additives, adulterants or dilutions. All our products are rigorously tested and meet the highest standards possible. No pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, GMOs or harmful chemicals are ever used during any stage of the growing or distillation process. Our trusted suppliers strictly follow to all USDA food/product safety guidelines. We do GC/MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) tests on each of our essential oils and reports are available on request. These reports give the breakdown of the naturally occurring components found in any given oil ensuring the absolute highest quality.

Since there is no agency that oversees the quality of essential oils, so there is no specific standard that qualifies as ‘Therapeutic Grade’. When looking for the highest quality oils, don’t look for terms such as ‘Therapeutic Grade’ since any company can use this term. Since there is no actual third party grading or certifying of essential oils, it is best to look for a company that ensures the quality of their oils based on test results and experts. We believe in standing behind the quality and purity of our oils without using marketing labels, and so we have decided not to use this term on our products. Please head on over to our “P.U.U.R.E. Promise” page to read more about what we do to guarantee our oils are of the highest quality.

We do not recommend the general internal use of essential oils. There are several reasons why we cannot recommend essential oils, in general, for internal use. FDA regulations state that promoting any substance as being safe for internal use suggests that it is a food, supplement or medication and essential oils have not been deemed any of these things. Our 100% pure essential oils are highly concentrated, and have the capacity to cause serious damage if used internally without the necessary expertise required in administering them. We believe it can only be done with great respect for the power of essential oils, under the direction of someone who is qualified in the internal use of essential oils and someone who truly understands the chemical makeup of each individual oil. We do not know what medications, quantities and allergies you may have and want to be certain our customers are safe. That being said, many of our loyal customers use our oils internally since they are the highest quality available, but we leave that entirely up to each customer.

Many essential oils do not have expiration dates. Essential oils like Patchouli and Sandalwood actually get better with age. In general, citrus oils have the shortest shelf life, followed by herbs and floral oils, then woods and resins, of which can become enhanced through time on the shelf. This is very general, and truthfully, as long as you take care of your essential oils by storing them properly (consistent temperatures with little light), it's not likely you'll need to concern yourself about them losing potency.

We, at Nature In Bottle, ensure that an oil’s expected shelf life and batch distillation dates can be found on each oil’s Certificate of Analysis page. We also label the specific batch number on each of our product so that you know exactly which batch that oil is from and can see when it was distilled (along with other specific info regarding that batch). With this information, you’ll be able to determine when the estimated expiration date will be for every one of the natural oils we carry.

Our essential oils and other natural products fall into 3 categories; certified organic, organic (non-certified) and wild-crafted. The wild-harvested oils are not cultivated and therefore ineligible for certification. We only order from distillers who wild harvest from "clean,” unsprayed areas. We also do carry a line of USDA certified organic oils.

Should the fact that some of our essential oils and natural products are not “certified organic” bother you? It should not and there are several reasons why we are not pushing to get the certification for some of our essential oils and natural products. We, at Nature In Bottle, believe in sourcing essential oils and other natural products where they are best suited so that they are of the highest quality. This means the essential oils occasionally come from plants grown in different countries, which don’t have organic standards such as USDA certified organic seal because each country has its own rules around organic practices. Moreover, although farmers living in third world countries might choose to farm without the use of pesticides, their products might not be considered organic because of costs associated with certifications. In some cases, a certified organic form of an essential oil might not even exist at all. We rely on our relationship with the distiller and knowledge of their good practices to ensure that the product is grown organically.

Secondly, not all products that USDA considers organic are 100% pure or unadulterated. Why? Because according to USDA organic standards, “a raw or processed agricultural product sold, labeled or represented as ‘organic’ must contain… not less than 95% organically produced raw or processed agricultural products.” This means the remaining 5% could be synthetic components and the essential oil would still be considered organic. Having the “Certified Organic” label, therefore, does not guarantee the best possible product.

On the other hand, Nature In Bottle’s very strict “P.U.U.R.E. Promise” standards regulate the company’s processes and that of its suppliers. We only buy essential oils distilled from organically grown plants. In fact, while the USDA’S certification process only relates to growing conditions and end contamination levels, we also takes the methods of distilling and producing an essential oil very seriously, which ensures our products are 100% pure, unadulterated with all the natural ingredients and therapeutic properties that occur naturally.

Our oils and other natural products come from around the world, from some of the world's finest distillers. We have direct buying relationships with the carefully vetted network of harvesters, farmers, distillers and the most reputed certified suppliers from over 65 different countries across the globe. All our producers are dedicated to purity and only grow or wildcraft plant material nurtured using organic growing practices. They are required to meet the stringent, unyielding quality benchmarks before we consider buying from them.

You can easily determine the Origin of any essential oil and other natural products in the detailed description on our website. Other products such as essential oil blends, body butters, scented essential oil candles are formulated in-house at our own facility from the different ingredients we source from around the world.

It is our mission to get your package to you as soon as possible. We make every effort to ship your order within 1-2 business days of receipt and payment confirmation. However, estimated delivery times are NOT guaranteed and may fluctuate depending on destination and time of year. You will get a confirmation email with tracking number when your order is shipped. You can track your order via the link in your confirmation email.

Your orders can be tracked right from our website. Simply access your Order History from your Account section and review your order to access the tracking number as well as the tracking link. In addition, an automated email with your tracking number and tracking link will be sent to you after the package leaves our warehouse. It's that simple and convenient.

We accept payments through all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express card). Card payments are accepted through our payments partner PayPal, but you do not need to own a PayPal account to pay: you may enter your credit card's data directly at PayPal and complete your payment. You don't need to register a PayPal account either.

If you do not wish to complete the payment via PayPal, we can also send you direct payment links through other payment gateways like Stripe and Payoneer.

All order cancellations or changes to any order are requested as soon as possible and no more than 2 hours after placing your order. While we cannot guarantee any changes to be made to the order once it has been placed, we will try our best to accommodate.

If your order qualifies for bulk order quantity (Total Order Weight > 100 kg), it can be shipped by other bulk cost-effective methods of transport like ocean and air cargo services. You will see a “Place Bulk Order Inquiry” option on the Delivery Method Checkout page if your order qualifies for the bulk order quantity. If you select this option during checkout, your bulk order inquiry will be placed and you’ll soon be assisted by our Customer Care representative via email who will carefully review your needs and create a personalised shipping quote for you based on your requirements. Once all the the details are confirmed, we shall provide you with the Actual Total Cost for your order.

In order to maintain low minimums and reduced prices for all our customers, we do not honor free sample requests. But we do offer our products in very small sizes that are useful for testing purposes. We urge you to take advantage of our small sizes and no minimum order restrictions to test our products before committing yourself to a bulk purchase.

We do ship internationally, across all major countries in the world. We have hugely subsidised shipping rates for delivery across all major countries across the world via Fedex International Priority service: an express, time-definite, customs-cleared, door-to-door service for international shipments (covering 220 countries worldwide). You can get the exact shipping costs for your order by entering the desired items in your cart, click checkout, then entering the shipping address details to view the available shipping options as well as the quotes for your order.

For Customers located in EU Countries:
We are a Registered EU Exporter under the Registered Exporter system (in short, the REX system), a new system of introduced by the European Union under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) framework. We mention the REX registration number on all our commercial invoices for shipments sent to EU countries, thus benefiting our customers with a preferential tariff treatment granted by the EU, effectively reducing custom tariff duties (usually making the imports for our EU customers duty-free or at a very reduced tariff rate).

At Nature In Bottle, we have developed a sophisticated software program that calculates the shipping costs of your order. Actual shipping charges are derived using a DHL and Fedex shipping matrix that factors actual weight of your order and shipping destination. We then apply our heavily discounted volume rate that we contract annually with our shipping partners. The savings are passed on directly to you, and we do not charge any additional handling fees. These charges are calculated and automated within our shopping cart system and all charges are clearly visible during the checkout process. There are no surprises!

Shipping is never free. The company offering free shipping is being billed for your freight, and you are paying for that freight within the prices of your products. Not very transparent, and not in your best interest. At Nature In Bottle, we like to keep things simple and transparent: we offer the lowest prices possible for all our products, and you pay actual shipping rates using our heavily discounted program that we contract annually with our shipping partners. Nothing is hidden.

While we understand that it may be more convenient for our customers to use their own shipper accounts, this makes it challenging for us to recover costs for lost or damaged packages. At Nature In Bottle, we agree to review requests to ship orders via customer shipper accounts on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at weborders@natureinbottle.com or call us at +1 (888) 755-5274 if you would like us to consider your request. When we ship your order using your customer shipper account number, Nature In Bottle will not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise during transit. It is the customer's responsibility to make any necessary damage claims with their shipper, and Nature In Bottle is not responsible for replacing lost or damaged items.

We are happy to provide our 90 Day No Hassle Return Policy and Satisfaction Guarantee. Our products can be returned for any reason, even if opened, for up to 90 days. A refund back to the original form of payment will be issued after the product is returned.

If you would like to return your order or item, please contact us at  weborders@natureinbottle.com or call us at +1 (888) 755-5274. What do we need? Please include the following information so that our Customer Service agent can assist you better:

  • Order number
  • Items being returned (or just indicate the entire order)
  • Reason for the return (optional)
  • Preference of refund or in-store credit

International Returns: Due to high shipping costs, international customers are responsible for all shipping charges related to returning an item and all shipping, duties and customs fees originally associated with receiving the order.