What Our Customers Say...

What Our Customers Say...

146 reviews


A fabulous find

" As a cosmetic formulator, I have extensively researched many natural ingredients and essential oils suppliers. Nature in Bottle has consistently met all of my criteria for an excellent company to collaborate with. Their products are...  read more "

Christopher Verified Buyer


Thrilled with the variety of their products!

" My purchase has left me utterly thrilled, and I've transformed into a devoted admirer of this company. This brand boasts an expansive array of essential oils and cold pressed carrier oil that warrant the attention of anyone interested...  read more "

James Verified Buyer


Go to store for all the essential oils requirements

" I have been formulating cosmetic and skincare products for 4 decades now. The common pain points I have faced in the purchase process of essential oils and other natural ingredients have been pricing, quality, and consistency and cost...  read more "

Hudson Verified Buyer


Highly recommended for wholesale purchases!

" I am a dedicated Reflexologist and Massage Therapist, running one of my own therapy centre in Victoria, Australia. I provide greatly relaxing, individually tailored treatments to aid recovery, improve wellbeing, reduce pain and help...  read more "

Lincoln Verified Buyer


Probably one of the best Essential Oil companies out there!

" NatureInBottle is my happy place for all my essential oil and natural ingredients' needs. No complaints here! Everything arrives well-packaged, no leakage. They also ship to locations outside the USA at very discounted shipping costs....  read more "

Axel Verified Buyer


Reliable supplies for my soap making business

" I have been crafting soaps for more than a year now, and I must express my sheer delight with every essential oil and cold pressed carrier oil I've procured from NatureInBottle.com. In contrast to those I've obtained from craft...  read more "

Jacob Verified Buyer


Amazing products with long lasting scents!

" Thanks to your wonderful products, I was able to create my all natural batch of soaps. The quality of the oils I received is exceptional, and my customers are absolutely delighted with them. The scents remain authentic whether used in...  read more "

Levi Verified Buyer


First order I received is really impressive...

" As a novice in soap-making and with a budding interest in lotion-making, I've tried the products from various suppliers across the globe. However, my journey took a positive turn when I landed upon your website. It was a relief to...  read more "

Robert Verified Buyer


It takes the guess work out of ordering!

" I've purchased raw ingredients for my formulation around the world. I've always come back to NatureInBottle for quality ingredients. Their website automatically applies discount for cheaper shipping when purchasing in bulk, which...  read more "

Michael Verified Buyer


Authentic products received so far.

" As a cosmetic formulator working towards establishing my own personal care business in the US, I understand the importance of trust in an industry often plagued by adulteration and synthetic products. It can be challenging to ensure...  read more "

Nancy Verified Buyer


Great products & quick shipping!

" Purchased several times from NatureInBottle to make my own natural fragrance concoctions. I was an avid loyal customer to a very popular brand of EO's for the past 8 years. I decided to open a skin care business and began a ton of...  read more "

Melissa Verified Buyer


Great company, great products!

" I've been ordering from NatureInBottle from last one year and they never disappoint! As a small business owner, I rely on them for supply of high-quality ingredients for my handmade soap and aromatherapy products, which I sell under...  read more "

Angela T. Verified Buyer


A loyal customer for life

" As a satisfied customer, I felt compelled to write this personal review, especially after coming across a few negative reviews about this company recently. I want to emphasize to everyone that there's no need to hesitate when it comes...  read more "

Laura Verified Buyer


Thanks NatureInBottle!

" First time buying from this company and I am just in LOVE with them. The shipping was super fast and I really liked their sustainable packaging. I love how their essential oils already come in tamper-proof lined aluminium bottles,...  read more "

Ashley Verified Buyer


Surpassed my expectations!

" As an owner of an aromatherapy and diffusing oil store, I am highly satisfied with my purchase from NatureInBottle. Their swift delivery service surpassed my expectations, and I couldn't be happier with the wonderful assortment of...  read more "

Richard Verified Buyer


Excellent value for money

" Very satisfied, well packaged, good, sturdy bottles, great value for money "

Guy Verified Buyer


Amazing smell of Lime Essential Oil!

" NatureInBottle oils are a dream come true for individuals like myself who abhor sensitive to chemicals and synthetic fragrances and prefer using just natural ingredients in their formulations. Their oils provide a delightful and...  read more "

Elizabeth Verified Buyer


Wow is all I can say!

" This is now my fourth purchase from NatureInBottle, and I must say they consistently deliver perfection. I have never come across oils of such exceptional quality before, and I sincerely hope they remain unchanged. NatureInBottle oils...  read more "

Linda Verified Buyer


Great company!

" I have been making organic cosmetics, personal care products and aromatherapy oils since 2020 with ingredients sourced from NatureInBottle. I really appreciate their quality products and great customer service. They have everything I...  read more "

Michael Verified Buyer


Quality products in meticulous packaging

" I came across this website approximately a year ago and since then, I have developed a deep affection for their oils. Without a doubt, I can attest that the oils I have been purchasing from NatureInBottle are truly exceptional. Each...  read more "

Jennifer Verified Buyer


Everything is excellent from product quality to customer service!

" Great products and customer service! I am really not sure what the people who left the bad reviews were talking about? I know trolls have to play their part to down talk anything in life.! Many of the customers who have been...  read more "

Jones Verified Buyer



" As a customer of NatureInBottle for over two years I can't imagine ever buying my oils anywhere else. They have been consistent, competitively priced, and quick to respond to our requests for documentation. I love how their essential...  read more "

John Verified Buyer


Everything is impressive about this company!

" Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse Nature In Bottle to anyone seeking oils for soap making or as cosmetic ingredients. Their oils possess a captivating aroma and essence that remains intact even in cold pressed soaps....  read more "

Mary Verified Buyer


Great purchase!

" Each oil that I ordered is just delightful! Five different oils - Cajeput, Cedarwood, Petitgrain, Hinoki and Lavender - all authentic and fresh smelling! The fragrances are really scrumptious. Impressive. Delivery was on time,...  read more "

James Verified Buyer


Amazing depth in Essential Oils

" Their essential oils have a new level of depth, last really last long and burn clean in a diffuser without causing any headaches, which I experienced with essential oils bought from other brands due to their overwhelming aromas. I...  read more "

Edward Verified Buyer


One happy customer over here!

" I searched for an online source for high quality essential oils in bulk and came across this website. Customer service helped me with my queries and they were great. I placed the order, they shipped it out on Saturday and I received...  read more "

Jon Verified Buyer


Price! Quality! Transparency!

" Customer Service of this company is great. I wasn't sure about the smell of a particular carrier oil so I tried calling. I left a voicemail but no one returned my call (the only negative experience I've had), so I sent an email and...  read more "

Vincent Verified Buyer


Quality products in sustainable packaging

" I'm delighted by your diverse product range, particularly your exhaustive list of essential oils and absolutes. Your commitment to using "NO PLASTIC" in packaging and minimizing waste is truly heartening especially in contrast to...  read more "

Bruce Verified Buyer


Absolutely delighted!

" I'm currently writing this review all the way from Ontario, Canada, and I'm absolutely delighted to share that my order arrived within 6 days of ordering! I couldn't be happier with the products I received. The convenience of...  read more "

Paul Verified Buyer


Never had a problem

" They are my go to store and have been almost since I began my business, I just love their products that I have purchased so far, they always come well packaged in pharmaceutical-grade aluminium bottles, ensuring their safe storage for...  read more "

Billy Verified Buyer


Game changing variety of natural products

" Every time I have ordered from them, I have been absolutely impressed. Their range of carrier oils has been a game-changer for my hair treatment line. I use their Argan Oil, Batana Oil, Licorice Oil, Vitamin E Oil, etc in a range of...  read more "

Mark Verified Buyer


Excellent quality products every time

" Keep up the amazing work! I am obsessed with your essential oils and carrier oils and literally everything I try. There's a ton of in-depth information on the website. I really appreciated the ingenious packaging as well as the FedEx...  read more "

Joshua Verified Buyer


All products received smell authentic!

" I'm really pleased with my last order of Nature in Bottle essential oils. Some brands have off scents and are not high quality. Their products are very high quality without the exorbitant prices. I can trust their oils with all my...  read more "

Joseph Verified Buyer


Great customer experience!

" I have a bath and body business and I love offering my soaps and other products made with pure essential oils. We needed some products urgently for a bulk order from one of our customers. This guy by the name George Williams helped to...  read more "

Eugene Verified Buyer


Impressed & Pleased

" I am new to essential oils, but from what I have read and researched, these seem like fair to good quality oils. They don't have that fake perfumey smell that most of the oils you buy in stores have. These scents are long-lasting, and...  read more "

Jordan Verified Buyer


Good quality products with reliable delivery times

" I have been buying oils from Nature In Bottle for quite a few months now. I've never had a problem with the delivery of my orders, shipping times, or leakage during shipping. My orders have always been just as I ordered them. I cant...  read more "

Albert Verified Buyer


Mindboggling variety of products

" After being a dedicated and loyal customer of a well-known essential oil brand for the past 3 years, I wanted to find a more cost-effective company that doesn't compromise on premium quality oils. That's when I discovered Nature In...  read more "

Carl Verified Buyer


Blue Cypress smells amazing

" I wanted to thank you and this review is a token of gratitude for the outstanding products you sent me. Your remarkably swift processing and shipping of our recent order enabled us to fulfill an urgent, last-minute request from one of...  read more "

Zachary Verified Buyer


Fantastic collection

" I recently came across Natureinbottle.com and was delighted to find a comprehensive selection of products that perfectly align with my vision of creating a personalized skin care line. I placed a sample order of a few essential oils i...  read more "

Thomas Verified Buyer


Authentic smelling essential oils

" I am truly captivated by the Nature in Bottle collection of essential oils and absolutes. Recently, I crafted my inaugural batch of natural body moisturizers using the natural essential oils as fragrance, and my friends are absolutely...  read more "

Paul Verified Buyer


Exclusive and rare collection of oils!

" I'm so glad to have NatureInBottle as a supplier of natural ingredients for my soap formulation business. I buy various essential oils as well as cold pressed carrier oils from their online store regularly. All of the interactions...  read more "

Adam Verified Buyer


Superior customer service!

" Great products with great prices! I had a problem with adding products to the shopping cart and chatted with a customer service representative who was excellent and fixed it so my order went through- very happy with this company. I...  read more "

Larry Verified Buyer


Great selection, great quality and great pricing!

" I am consistently amazed by the exceptional quality products, excellent packaging, and quick delivery of my orders from your company. Nature In Bottle is hands-down one of the best online suppliers I have dealt with for ordering my...  read more "

Tim Verified Buyer


Impressive products and quick delivery

" I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and commendation for the exceptional products I received from NatureInBottle. This is the first time I have felt compelled to write a thank you to a company, as I am truly impressed...  read more "

Joseph Verified Buyer


5/5 stars

" They have some of the best competitive prices, great quality products with reports to back it up, top notch customer service, subsidized shipping, free returns, free technical sheets, organic line, the list goes on and on. This is a...  read more "

David Verified Buyer


Competitive prices

" Good quality products, competitive prices, prompt deliveries, and excellent sustainable packaging. My entire purchasing experience with this company has been great. They should work on their customer service which takes around 24...  read more "

Russell Verified Buyer


Impressed with the quality of the products

" So far I am impressed with this company and will buy again. Have not had a chance to try all the oils but the ones I tried are quite impressive. Delivery was on time, packaging was awesome. The site is filled with so much information...  read more "

Henry Verified Buyer


Just amazing

" They are an AMAZING company! I could not be more satisfied with their products. Not only is the shipping consistently faster than anticipated, but the products themselves have surpassed my expectations in terms of performance. They...  read more "

Douglas Verified Buyer


A genuine company selling quality products

" Having used essential oils for many years and having tried several different companies, I can confidently say that my experience with Nature In Bottle has consistently been positive. When I order from this company, I received my order...  read more "

Kyle Verified Buyer


Reasonably priced

" I came across this website while researching brands for purchasing essential oils. The brand's product selection boasts an impressive variety of both essential oils and carrier oils, USDA certified organic, all starting at reasonable...  read more "

Laura Verified Buyer


Happy with everything received in my order

" I placed a test order of a variety of oils from Nature in Bottle and everything arrived really fast and in good condition! After reading their negative reviews, I was a little apprehensive but all the essential oils testing reports...  read more "

Keith Verified Buyer



" I placed a test order of a variety of oils from Nature in Bottle and everything arrived really fast and in good condition! The essential oils testing reports came clean to my surprise after reading their negative reviews. The carrier...  read more "

Adam Verified Buyer


No complaints so far!

" I have no complaints for Nature In Bottle so far! Shipping has always been superior for me personally. Products are always well packaged, shipping is always on time, and the prices are reasonable. Great customer service as well, and...  read more "

Ran. Verified Buyer


Not budging from this brand

" I did my research on essential oils and wanted to try them because of the benefits that they have, but I wanted to find a brand that offered truly pure products, and that wouldn't empty my wallet. As a customer, the first thing I...  read more "

Ron Verified Buyer


Not budging from this brand

" I did my research on essential oils and wanted to try them because of the benefits that they have, but I wanted to find a brand that offered truly pure products, and that wouldn't empty my wallet. As a customer, the first thing I...  read more "

Ron Verified Buyer


Satisfied with the quality so far

" This brand is one of the best I've used so far. The scent of all Natural Fragrance Oils I ordered lasts for as long as one would expect any fragrance to last. And they're perfect for creating DIY natural personal care products. I also...  read more "

Alex Verified Buyer


So glad to have found them!

" I recently started using NatureInBottle for my wholesale essential oil needs and I am very impressed. The products I have so far received from them are authentic and pure as far as my experience says. I also appreciate the bulk...  read more "

Christian Verified Buyer



" My second time buying from NatureInBottle and they are just perfect. I have been involved in the study and use of essential oils for a significant period, but have always searched for the top-notch quality oils. The exceptional...  read more "

Harold Verified Buyer


Satisfactory so far!

" Overall, I would highly recommend Nature In Bottle Essential Oils to anyone who is interested in holistic wellness and wants to explore the power of aromatherapy. These oils are high-quality, effective, and a pleasure to use. They use...  read more "

Juan Verified Buyer


Skeptical at first but all products turned out to be great.

" I was skeptical about their essential oils at first because of the jaw dropping discounts they are offering, but after trying them, I'm a believer! I placed a sample order of 5 different oils a few days back and used each of them in...  read more "

Jacob Verified Buyer


Love their affordable range of products

" I love trying new oils for my aromatherapy business. However, many of the cheap essential oils that I bought from other suppliers ended up sitting in a drawer because they are awful but expensive to be thrown away. But that was not...  read more "

Dennis Verified Buyer


Satisfied beyond expectation!

" Thanks for carrying such a wonderful variety of high quality products! It's such a pleasure to find my entire requirement of Essential Oils and Cold Pressed Carrier Oils on a single website. I live in Germany and many of the American...  read more "

Don. Verified Buyer


Worth a try!

" After reading many negative reviews, I was hesitant to place an order with NIB. However, as a satisfied customer, I feel it's important to share my positive experience. Initially, I was considering cancelling my order, but I was...  read more "

Paul Verified Buyer


Fabulous range of products

" Correspondence was great and I'm really happy with the products that i received. I really liked the Douglas Fir Oil and Hyssop Essential Oil which are really hard to find on other stores. Their customer services are second to none,...  read more "

Edward Verified Buyer


Loved the quality of the essential oils!

" I loved the NatureInBottle products. The packaging was great, shipping was fast, documentation complete in every sense and had a friendly support when I needed them to answer a few queries of mine. Nothing more is required from a...  read more "

Zachary Verified Buyer


Loved the quality of the essential oils!

" I loved the NatureInBottle products. The packaging was great, shipping was fast, documentation complete in every sense and had a friendly support when I needed them to answer a few queries of mine. Nothing more is required from a...  read more "

Zachary Verified Buyer


Reliable Supplier

" I found Nature in Bottle a reliable source of natural ingredients for my business. They have a great selection and ready to download reports is icing on cake. Easy ordering and reasonably swift delivery made my shopping experience...  read more "

Juan Verified Buyer


Pure concentrated oils without adulteration.

" The site is filled with so much information to help guide you in whichever direction you need. Also worth mentioning the impeccable service from George who is always super helpful with your needs. The products I ordered over the last...  read more "

Samuel Verified Buyer


Good Price Range

" One of the distinct advantages of this company is the wide assortment of oil they offer, including organic. Love their essential oils; use them personally, and professionally in my aromatherapy treatments! I will be switching out all...  read more "

Carl Verified Buyer


Batana and Argan Oil at affordable prices!

" I ordered 10 kg packs of Batana Oil and Argan Oil from this website at really wholesale bulk discounts. The prices are unmatched compared to any other supplier available online. Impressive. Delivery was on time, packaging was awesome....  read more "

James Verified Buyer


Great so far!

" This brand's product selection boasts an impressive variety of essential oils, cold pressed carriers and absolute oils, which are organic and premium in quality that too starting at reasonable prices. They claim the products to be...  read more "

Jerry Verified Buyer



" We love the elegant, minimal packaging for the environment-friendly, cruelty-free essential oils. The aluminium bottles also help us storing them for a longer period of time without worrying them to go rancid. Nature in Bottle have...  read more "

George Verified Buyer


Great company to work with!

" It's quite refreshing to deal with a company like this which provides both high-standard products and services. They are mainly bulk providers and do not sell the products marketing them as wellness advocates like other hundreds of...  read more "

Harold Verified Buyer


First class products!

" I really enjoy receiving my batch of oils from Nature in Bottle for these last couple of months. I have become fan of their oils and am glad to write this review for them. First class customer service every-time, i don't know why they...  read more "

Phillip Verified Buyer


Nice Quality Products!

" NatureInBottle.com is my primary supplier of essential oils and aromatherapy supplies for my artisan business. My clients loved the results and even i am impressed with the quality. Descriptive and knowledgeable website makes shopping...  read more "

Kenneth Verified Buyer


Nice Quality Products!

" NatureInBottle.com is my primary supplier of essential oils and aromatherapy supplies for my artisan business. My clients loved the results and even i am impressed with the quality. Descriptive and knowledgeable website makes shopping...  read more "

Kenneth Verified Buyer


Satisfied with my first purchase!

" I am very satisfied with my first purchase. Very professional company, the products information is perfect, all the products delivered in aluminium cans beautifully packaged in individual cardboard boxes. Their oils have superior...  read more "

Benjamin Verified Buyer


Nice Range of Products!

" Nature In Bottle has been our go to for quite a long time now. Very good quality products and consistent delivery with excellent packaging. Prices are also not high like other retail essential oil companies. I used to use other...  read more "

Eric Verified Buyer


Citrus Oils are really good!

" Nature in Bottle have quality oils and we are really happy with our last purchase. We placed a bulk 30kg order last month for our citrus room freshner and home cleaning range. Very few companies are able to provide Lemon, Neroli and...  read more "

Michael Verified Buyer


Worth a try!

" This company have a very exciting range of rare and hard-to-find carrier and essential oils. I found that their cold-pressed oils works great on my sensitive skin unlike many other oils I have used in the past. I have started using...  read more "

David Verified Buyer


Wish they offered small pack sizes!

" Very impressive quality and experience for customers. This essential oils store is ideal for using essential oils for therapeutic benefit and for those who want to make essential oils as a part of their lifestyle. The store has a wide...  read more "

Johnny Verified Buyer


Great so far!

" All my dealings have been impressive with NatureInBottle.com.The information supplied on their product pages is very nice and apt. Never any delivery issues. They have an extensive selection of essential oils and other cosmetic...  read more "

Brian Verified Buyer


Impressive collection!

" I source oils for my formulations from ethical suppliers only and i am happy to announce that NIB is one of them.They have huge selection.I didn't count, but it looks like there are hundreds of oils to choose from. Obviously, I've...  read more "

Jeanette Verified Buyer


Loved the Rose and Jasmine Absolute!

" I just want to say thanks for for fulfilling my order so quickly and supplying such lovely products so cheaply. I must say I am really impressed with the quality of the essential oils as well as the wonderful tenacity of your range of...  read more "

David Verified Buyer


Made my Holiday Season!

" Thank you very much for adding items to my order at the end time which helped me save on the additional shipping costs. I am pleased to receive my order just in time before Christmas. All the oils were as expected and I prepared my...  read more "

Laurie Verified Buyer


Consistently Good Service and Products

" Had to look up how to leave them a review because I'm in awe of turnaround time. Of course, in transit delay would be of no doing of theirs (thankfully, FedEx notifies of such). For personal use... held my breath every time and they...  read more "

Yvonne Verified Buyer



" I purchased a small variety of essential oils. Not being sure of the expiry time, I recently enquired about the same and got a most helpful response. They have the technical sheets and batch reports already uploaded on product pages....  read more "

Robin Verified Buyer


Quality products at reasonable prices!

" Every product ordered from them is exactly as described in their COA. I am very particular with my ingredients purchased and am glad to land on their website. I am satisfied with the trial order I placed last week and everything...  read more "

Christian Verified Buyer


Good quality products but slow response!

" Our business launched just over 8 months ago and we could not have gone global with the success we've had without the help from the great products we received from NatureInBottle.com. Some slow service, but very good nonetheless. Our...  read more "

Haris Verified Buyer


Good quality products but slow response!

" Our business launched just over 8 months ago and we could not have gone global with the success we've had without the help from the great products we received from NatureInBottle.com. Some slow service, but very good nonetheless. Our...  read more "

Haris Verified Buyer


The smell of Carrot Seed Essential Oil is really nice and authentic!

" The essential oils are fantastic quality and there are plenty of organic essential oils and other natural products which I love. Have been ordering from them for a while now and this time placed a bulk order of 25kg of Carrot Seed...  read more "

Mike Verified Buyer


Wonderful Essential Oils brand!

" Love the oils I received. As an aromatherapist, this is one of the best oil brands I have used. Ordering on their web site is easy and the essential oils are very well described with all the technical sheets and documentation. Looking...  read more "

James Verified Buyer


Love their products!

" I just love their collection. Quality is satisfactory and prices are outstanding. My customers love every product I make with these ingredients. I am happy as a buyer and as a seller as my customers are happy. My soaps, creams and...  read more "

Clinton Verified Buyer



" For the past 2 years, I've been ordering my essential oils supplies with Nature In The Bottle, I've consistently received high standards on product quality and shipments have always arrived on time. The essential oil range is also...  read more "

David Verified Buyer


Fairly priced and worth it

" NatureInBottle has always been supremely helpful from order placement to delivery of the product and even after for all the documentation and other after-sale services. I have been using their products for 2 years now and never have...  read more "

Matteo Verified Buyer


Superior Quality Products!

" The quality of the products is fantastic and prices are great. Their products are one of a kind and the customer service is exemplary. I made an order through the website and 1 day later I realized I forgot to add some carrier oils to...  read more "

Gus Verified Buyer


Amazing so helpful!

" It is so nice to have a source of oils with so many options and good prices. I am situated in Australia and my shipments have always been delivered fast, intact and well packaged. We use their products in our hand wash manufacturing...  read more "

Louis D. Verified Buyer


Five stars!

" So far, I'm enjoying the oils and the services! I have been ordering from their website for a while now and in my last box one item - Jojoba Oil - was missing. I was quite frustrated at first but after 1 quick email, they promptly...  read more "

Kathie Verified Buyer


Excellent company and products!

" I love getting my supplies from this company. Oils are super light and make my butters creamy, fragrant and fluffy. I placed a rather large order recently and everything arrived very well packaged as always and the shipping time was...  read more "

Henry Verified Buyer


Thank You!

" Great Company with great customer service. The product sold at Nature In Bottle are of very high quality! I love the Yarrow Blue Oil and Siberian Fir Oil I ordered. The versatility, quality and consistency is bar-none. This website...  read more "

Monica Verified Buyer


Good products!

" Overall I am very happy and content with my purchase from this website. Argan Oil I ordered was excellent in quality and the pricing is economical. I only have one concern with them as they do not provide any other option for shipping...  read more "

Moe Verified Buyer


Love everything I have bought

" When I first started exploring essential oils I done a proper research because fake/diluted oils are frequently sold, especially on Amazon and many other wholesale websites. However NatureInBottle.com exceeded my expectations! I...  read more "

Tommy Verified Buyer


Great Oil, the bottle designs can be improved!

" A marvelous shopping experience, with all items arrived on time and packaged well. I do like that the the oils arrive in really pharma-grade lined aluminium bottles which is included in the price. But I am a bit upset with the large...  read more "

Anaila Verified Buyer


Great Oil, the bottle designs can be improved!

" "

Anaila Verified Buyer


Good quality products but slow response!

" I have been a long-time customer of Nature in Bottle and it is one of my many vendors for the essential oils - other being New Directions and Jedwards International. What I really like about NatureInBottle is the economical pricing...  read more "

Tara Verified Buyer


Great quality so far!

" I use this company all the time for my soap-making business supplies. Would recommend it to anyone. The Laurel Berry Oil I just received is out of the world! Their variety of products and speed of delivery is fantastic! It's nice to...  read more "

Sandy Verified Buyer


Authentic Products

" I am very much pleased with the products I have received from NatureInBottle. I placed my first order last week and had received an order confirmation right away, along with tracking details and email confirmation from FedEx to notify...  read more "

Claudia Verified Buyer


Wow Products!

" I am really impressed with my purchase! Good quality on everything purchased so far - Argan Oil and Batana Oil. My order from them got delivered on time, no custom fees, and really good packaging. Their website i also very easy to...  read more "

Esther Verified Buyer


Great quality so far!

" Good quality on everything so far I purchased "

Maciej W. Verified Buyer


The Oils are Awesome

" These Oils are Amazing. The Bad reviews are people wanting to keep them to themselves. I got the Cocoa bean and Elderberry oil love it. Will be ordering more Oils Tip for consumers: Be Patience with shipping mine did come Fed ex and...  read more "

Beverly Verified Buyer


Loved Custom Blend Tool!

" I am quite happy with the blends I created on your website and love you guys for this amazing tool. I am glad to receive them already created and mixed in desired proportions for me and ready to use. I'm definitely a customer for...  read more "

Jock Verified Buyer


Thanks again!

" I just want to thank you so much for your help and favour! All oils have arrived safe --- I really appreciate it :) I will recommend your company (your oils) to all the people that I know :). cheers! "

Alexander Verified Buyer


Lovely shopping experience!

" Products are top shelf and super fast shipping! No taxes to be paid on import in Europe and have an amazing result in the formulation of my beard oils. Lovely experience overall and hence 5star to your services from my side. "

Albert Verified Buyer


Love love and lots of love!

" Love your company guys and your products. Totally impressed with the quality of products I just received. Organic, country of origin already listed on webpages, fast shipping, COA reports available for download, declarations already...  read more "

Lucy Verified Buyer


Value for money paid.

" Nature in Bottle is not the best and not the worst. They offer good quality products with good service. They are good smell-wise and ideal for use in your diffusers and candles etc. They may be not the best but there is also nothing...  read more "

David Verified Buyer


Quality products and services!

" Any and all products I purchase from Nature in Bottle are more than satisfactory I am pleased! If you make some simple DIY cleaning recipes, then getting a cheap not so pure brand is not the worst idea. But the formulators like me who...  read more "

Michael Verified Buyer


Awsome website for oils for soap making:

" You make the soap world more beautiful with your superb quality oils. Nature in Bottle is one of my absolute FAVORITE product brands for carrier and essential oils. If you like natural, high quality classic oils for soap making then...  read more "

Justin Verified Buyer


I have my aromatherapy and DIY cosmetics business located in Argentina.

" I had placed multiple small orders from this company since last year. Satisfied with their product quality and affordable pricing, I placed a bulk order for my business (over 300 kg) with them last month. The company had shipped the...  read more "

Dinail Verified Buyer


Highly professional webiste and services!

" I have never had a bad experience or product from them. From their site to their customer service, I don't think they could make it any easier for you to get quality products at your doorstep in just few clicks. All the declarations,...  read more "

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Best products ever!

" One of the best places to buy organic essential oils at affordable prices. Have used NIB oils and enjoying all the benefits! It is a wonderful company that cares about your business as well along with their own. Thanks for your...  read more "

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Love and trust Nature in Bottle!

" Tested and trusted products at my door every time. I am extremely happy with Nature in Bottle products. Here in Japan, our company is into making healthy and natural substitute of chemical loaded cleaning supplies. We are into good...  read more "

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Start a new adventure with Nature in Bottle products!

" NIB have an entire inventory of fragrances, like Rose, Orange, Mint, Sandalwood, and carrier oils supplies that make it easy to create your own scented products. From candles and soaps to bath and body essentials, Massage oils, I have...  read more "

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Happy to order from NIB:

" Just received my shipment, properly packaged and well on time. The oils are extremely of high quality. I tried their Australian sandalwood oil and I am confident to write this that it will become a staple in my product lineup. Looking...  read more "

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The only EO company you need!

" I really trust this brand and have used it for years. I am into hair thinning control products and have been making my products using their oils for quite a long time now. New Zealand have huge custom fees and Nature in Bottle...  read more "

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Amazin service

" Very professional shop. I am very happy with your service. I highly recommended it. Very very good company said. "

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" I hate to write sugar-coated reviews but I have to be honest about the product that I bought from Nature in Bottle. I have an all-natural body care line and I only seek and use the most purest forms of natural oils and butters....  read more "

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Lovely products!

" Affordable high quality products are what I got when I ordered from Nature In Bottle. The website is hub for all the documentations and certifications. My first order from them and totally statisfied! "

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Glad to find them!

" 5-star services and products. It have been a pleasure to do business with this company. Here in Japan, they are on the rise because of their commitment to their quality products and impeccable services. We heard of them from one of...  read more "

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Superb company-NIB

" You instantly would fall in love with these oils. These are without a doubt premium oils. I have ordered four times for Prickly Pear seed oil, Argan Oil for my cosmetic production company that too in bulk. We use them as an active...  read more "

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Love your oils Nature In Bottle

" Wowww oils--perfect for creating your own candles; soaps; room sprays; skin and hair care formulations; cleaning products; for use in home aroma diffusers; with laundry; linens and much more. I have been ordering form there for quite...  read more "

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Wholesale pricing and superb quality oils

" The packaging is not cute or quirky but the scents are amazing and the bottle lasts a while. They are basically wholesale seller and hence have not focused on small size packaging. But pricewise their wholesaler point have helped me...  read more "

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Wholesale pricing and exotic range!

" What genuine products and an exotic range of carrier oils for your business needs. They offer many of the exceptional carrier oils for which I have been struggling for quite a long time. Arctic cranberry seed oil, Yangu oil, and...  read more "

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Excellent products with awesome services!

" Strong, long-lasting, clean and fresh oils----delivered to me two day before at my door. Every oil screams for itself and has a wowww fragrance for candle making. Finally, I have to give a shout out to the customer service. I emailed...  read more "

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Amazing collection of products!

" The reviews are ridiculous! They smell exactly the same as the original oils should smell! Now I don't have to spend $6,000 on my diffuser oil purchase for my store. The oils are indulgent to your senses in every possible way. I did a...  read more "

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Totally blown away!

" Hooked! I am in total awe of their products.! These oils are AWESOME and very affordable. Smell so good and are true to their nature and characteristics. I loved to experience some of these magnificent essential oils to improve my...  read more "

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Satisfied with what I paid for!

" I avoided trying Nature in bottle's oil for a long time as I was afraid to put my money after reading their negative reviews. But, I couldn't get over the extreme wide range of products offered by them at such an economical price "

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Love, love it!

" Really enjoying my purchase from your company. Thanks a million! Oils have been wonderful for my diffuser. The aroma given off of these are absolutely incredible! I've tried cheaper brands and have been around more expensive brands,...  read more "

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Wow oils!

" My order arrived in the promised time (4 days after placing the order)! Their oils are excellent buy for the money. Each fragrance oil is such a delight to your senses. Long-lasting, rich and extremely invigorating "

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Highly recommended!

" The communication is unprecedented, and the owners are very trustworthy. Thanks for all the follow ups on WhatsApp and emails. I am really happy with my purchase from NIB. My shipment was well packaged in beautiful aluminum bottles...  read more "

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What's not to love?!

" Super-fast shipping when I am waiting for my other parcels to be delivered for last 8 days even though they were ordered earlier. I ordered seven different oils to test their quality and services after all the negative reviews. Each...  read more "

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Excellent quality and services!

" This is my first time using any oils outside of YL so this was a new experience for me. I am extremely happy about this company. The package arrived on time and I was surprised by the inside packaging. The aluminium bottles are used...  read more "

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Good find!

" Good quality, Great packing and fast delivery! I am using NatureInBottle.com Eucalyptus essential oil for personal and professional purpose. Have been using it as a component along with other essential oils for aromatherapy and also...  read more "

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Authentic products!

" NIB Tea Tree Oil feels awesome and smell great. The product is a 5-star.We use this tea tree oil to the carrier oils like Argan oil for the hair oil formulations. The quality of oil is delightful and after testing results I can...  read more "

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In love with their scents!

" I bought several of their products and have been pleased with them all - Lavender Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Hyacinth Absolute, Rose Otto, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Ca cay Oil. The entire range of exotic oils offer scents that will sink...  read more "

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Exclusive and luxurious collection of oils!

" I'm so glad to have NatureInBottle as the provider of natural products and services. I wanted an exclusive collection of oils for my business and landed up at Nature In Bottle website from Alibaba. After their negative reviews I was a...  read more "

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Best in the industry!

" NatureInBottle has been a saving grace, a game-changer for me over the past few months. I'm impressed with the customer service, the quality of their products is fantastic, and the prices are great. They have a great selection of...  read more "

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