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Hay Absolute | Organic Hay Essential Oil - Nature In Bottle

Hierochloe alpina


CAS Number: 8031-00-3 ; 92128-62-6

EINECS Number: 295-758-4

Product Code:  PAO2031

PART USED Leaves and Tops

SYNONYMS  Anthoxanthum odoratum

COMMON NAMES  Sweetgrass Absolute

EXTRACTION METHOD  Organic Extraction (Hexane Free)

ORIGIN  France



Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

EU Declaration

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Our organically crafted Hay Absolute, also colloquially referred to as Hay Essential Oil, is an extraction of the dried grasses of alpine sweetgrass Hierochloe alpina, growing wild in the mountainous terrain of France. With its rich, suave, coumarin-like, herbaceous-sweet aroma of freshly cut hay with excellent tenacity, Hay Absolute makes an excellent addition to the perfumer's palette to be introduced whenever a truly herbaceous-sweet undertone is required: in lavender, fougere, chypre, colognes, tea-notes, forest notes and various bouquets.

The fresh Hay grass is cut and harvested in June and July which then naturally dries in the sun until August. During this process, the grass becomes fragrant. Coumarin, the aromatic lactone responsible for the sweet, hay-like aroma, is 'glycosidically bound' and not volatile when grasses are living and green, but is only liberated when the plant material is cut and dried.


Reminiscent of countryside, of green grass, of the sweet breath of young bovines, Hay Absolute plays an important part in aromatherapy for its uplifting, destressing, anti-depressive and tranquillizing properties. Hay Absolute Oil s a sublime choice for promoting overall skin health and radiance, as it rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. Hay Essential Oil is also useful for formulating blends to help purify, support pain and inflammation relief, and encourage skin healing.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

EU Declaration