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In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic situation, our supply chain has hugely been affected and we had to reduce our stocks of some of our products (particularly hydrosols and body butters). We will be back in stock with most of our products once things start getting back to normal. Apart from this, almost all of the essential oils, carrier oils and absolutes are in stock with us. We request your patience and understanding during these difficult times.


Hemlock Spruce Essential Oil | Tsuga Canadensis Essential Oil - Nature In Bottle

Tsuga canadensis


CAS Number: 8008-10-4 ; 8008-80-8

FEMA Number: 3034

Product Code:  PEO1101

INCI Name:  Tsuga Canadensis (Hemlock) Oil


SYNONYMS  Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr.

COMMON NAMES  Eastern Hemlock, Eastern Hemlock-Spruce, Canadian Hemlock

EXTRACTION METHOD  Steam Distilled Essential Oil

ORIGIN  Canada



Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)



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Our organically crafted Hemlock Essential Oil, also called Tsuga Essential Oil, is steam distilled from deep green needles and aromatic twigs of the Tsuga canadensis coniferous tree native to certain parts of North America. Possessing a pleasing 'green forest' aroma that is both relaxing and elevating yet grounding, Hemlock Essential Oil serves as an excellent oil for deep spiritual meditative practice.

Tsuga canadensis has slender horizontal branches, finely toothed leaves and smallish brown cones, which yield a natural exudation from its bark. Not to be confused with the poisonous hemlock plant, Conium maculatum, the Tsuga canadensis conifer, also known as the Eastern Hemlock, creates a gorgeous, safe oil that has so many helpful therapeutic applications.


The natural chemical composition of Hemlock Essential Oil makes it an excellent choice for use within skin and hair care, holistic wellbeing, massage, soap making, fragrancing and cleaning applications intended to support general wellness, respiratory health and a healthy environment. One of our favorite ways of using Hemlock Essential Oil is to help support healthy lung activity, especially when experiencing congestion or spastic coughing. Along with providing welcome support for healthy lung function, this essential oil is a powerful oil to use when wanting to ease unwanted muscle spasms. Hemlock Oil can also help boost a compromised immune system and support healthy adrenal activity. This essential oil is also lovely in a diffuser when one is looking to clear and purify the room from any unwanted microbial activity.

Emotionally and energetically, Hemlock Essential Oil restores and uplifts. This essential oil promotes relaxation and can bring comfort during times that are particularly stressful. Hemlock Essential Oil also helps promote deep, restful sleep, making it ideal for people who suffer from insomnia. It is also uplifting and mentally clearing, helping to reduce negative thoughts and feelings.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)