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Kunzea Essential Oil | Organic Kunzea Ambigua Essential Oil - Nature In Bottle

Kunzea ambigua


CAS Number: 97553-36-1

EINECS Number: 307-193-3

Product Code:  PEO1194

INCI Name:  Kunzea Ambigua Branch/Leaf/Twig Oil

PART USED Flowers, Leaves and Twigs

SYNONYMS  Kunzea ambigua (Sm.) Druce

COMMON NAMES  White Kunzea, Poverty Bush, Tick Bush, White Cloud

EXTRACTION METHOD  Steam Distilled Essential Oil

ORIGIN  Australia (Tasmania)



Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate Of Analysis (COA)



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Our organically crafted Kunzea Essential Oil is steam distilled from the white flowers, green leaves, and brown twigs of the Kunzea ambigua shrub, a member of the Myrtle family, growing wild in Tasmania and Australia's eastern coast. With its fresh, sharp, spicy-sweet, herbaceous, slightly camphor-like aroma, Kunzea Essential Oil is one of the most cherished, yet lesser-known, oils derived from native Australian plants.

The Kunzea plant, with its bulbous tops and whimsical blossoms, is commonly referred to as White Cloud, as well as Tick Bush, recalling one of its traditional uses of controlling ticks on cattle in the outback. Kunzea Essential Oil has comparable properties and uses to Tea Tree Oil but offers a more pleasant aroma and milder sensation when applied topically. The Kunzea ambigua species that grows in Tasmania is chemically distinct from every other Kunzea species originating from any other ecosystem. One of these, Kunzea ericoides - also known as Kanuka - has a slightly different chemical profile, yielding a somewhat dissimilar aroma to that of Kunzea ambigua with consequently different applications.


Along with helping to purify against uninvited microbial activity, Kunzea Essential Oil is a fantastic choice when looking to support healthy lung and airway activity, especially if experiencing congestion. This essential oil is also considered an antioxidant and also helps boost the immune system. Kunzea Essential Oil is often used for helping to manage pain and inflammation and can help ease unwanted muscle spasms, while also working to increase blood flow to calm painful nerve endings. The key components in Australian Kunzea Oil target the source of the pain, by deeply penetrating layers of skin to help promote the body's own healing process. Like Tea Tree Oil, Kunzea can be used on teenage blemishes or other instances of red, irritated skin. Kunzea's penetrating analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make this oil a great addition to massage blends.

When diffused, Kunzea Essential Oil helps create a relaxing atmosphere and creates a refreshing respiratory experience. This essential oil can help build confidence and is sometimes used to help release deeper emotional pain.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate Of Analysis (COA)