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In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic situation, our supply chain has hugely been affected and we had to reduce our stocks of some of our products (particularly hydrosols and body butters). We will be back in stock with most of our products once things start getting back to normal. Apart from this, almost all of the essential oils, carrier oils and absolutes are in stock with us. We request your patience and understanding during these difficult times.


Lime Essential Oil | Organic Key Lime Essential Oil - Nature In Bottle

Citrus aurantifolia


CAS Number: 8008-26-2 ; 90063-52-8

FEMA Number: 2631

EINECS Number: 290-010-3

Product Code:  PEO1092

INCI Name:  Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Peel Oil


SYNONYMS  Citrus aurantiifolia (Christm.) Swingle

COMMON NAMES  West Indian Lime, Omani Lime, Mexican Lime, Key Lime

EXTRACTION METHOD  Cold Pressed Essential Oil




Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

EU Declaration



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Our organically crafted Lime Essential Oil, also called Key Lime Essential Oil is cold pressed from the fresh, tart, green rinds of the Citrus aurantifolia fruits cultivated in the sun-kissed orchards of Italy. Our Lime Oil has a particularly bright, zesty, tart, slightly sweet aroma: excellent in natural perfumery and a truly fine Citrus!

Unlike the commercially available Lime Oils which are considered to be highly photo-sensitizing, ours Cold Pressed Lime Essential Oil is non-phototoxic and appropriate for use in skin care, or anywhere photosensitivity would be a concern.


Fresh, tangy and fragrantly emphatic, Lime Essential Oil shares much of its therapeutic profile with its citrus cousin, Lemon, and has many of the same astringent, toning and mood elevating properties. Key Lime Oil is frequently used in facial and body cleansers for its purifying properties and uplifting scent. Lime Essential Oil can help promote a youthful appearance, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, patchy pigmentation and loss of elasticity. Lime has a tightening effect, making it perfect to use to help rejuvenate your skin. Lime Oil in hair care products help boost shine, by allowing the outer layer of the hair strand, the cuticle, lay flat and reflect more light.

In aromatherapy, the refreshing yet not-too-sweet properties of Key Lime Essential Oil can assist with enhancing mental clarity and alertness and can also promote feelings of positivity, calm and harmony. It is often used in blends with other cleansing and uplifting oils for more freshening power and a boost in emotional balance and well-being. Lime Essential Oil also works effectively against mosquitoes and bugs, because these buzzing annoyances react negatively to citrus scents and stay away from places where they smell these scents.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

EU Declaration