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Peru Balsam Essential Oil | Balsam of Peru Oil - Nature In Bottle

Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae


CAS Number: 8007-00-9

FEMA Number: 2117

EINECS Number: 232-352-8

Product Code:  PEO1185

INCI Name  Myroxylon Balsamum Pereirae Balsam Oil


COMMON NAMES  Balsam of Peru, Black Balsam, Honduras Balsam, Indian balsam, Peruvian Balsam, Peru balsam

SYNONYMS  Myroxylon balsamum (L.) Harms
Myrospermum pereirae Royle
Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae (Royle) Harms

EXTRACTION METHOD  Steam Distilled Essential Oil

ORIGIN  El Salvador

NOTE CLASSIFICATION  Base Note, Excellent Fixative


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

EU Declaration



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Our organically crafted Peru Balsam Essential Oil is steam distilled from the beautiful, resinous material tapped from the Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae, an evergreen tree that grows up to 120 feet and sprouts gorgeous fragrant flowers, native to Central America. The principal areas of trees from which Balsam of Peru Oil is produced are mainly along the Balsam Coast where El Salvador meets the Pacific Ocean; the trees are often planted for their shade on coffee plantations. Balsam of Peru Essential Oil has a medium strength rich, balsamic, deep Vanilla-sweet aroma with a subtle hint of cinnamon - presenting a base fragrance note. Its wonderfully soft aroma is often used in perfumes and is a great addition to floral blends.

The historical uses of Balsam of Peru date as far back as the Mayan culture where it was used as incense for medicinal purposes. Sixteenth-century popes sanctioned the substitution of Balsam of Peru for the much harder to find Mecca Balsam (Balm of Gilead) for ceremonial incense use as well as for anointing oils. In folklore, Balsam of Peru Oil was thought to attract wealth and happiness, promote creativity and dreamwork, and to protect against emotional excess. Balsam of Peru is a misnomer: the name is somewhat misleading as to its origin. In the past, the balsam was transported by land from El Salvador to coastal cities of Peru; from these ports, the balsam was shipped to other countries, thus acquiring the misconception of its origin.


Due to its rich, Vanilla-like aroma, Peru Balsam Essential Oil is a cost-effective substitute in natural perfumery when a sweet Vanilla note is desired. It is easy to pour, completely soluble in fixed carrier (vegetable) oils and alcohol, and makes an excellent fixative in natural perfumery. The main constituent of Balsam Peru Resin Oil is Benzoic Acid, which is well-known for its abilities to keep minor scrapes and skin issues clean. It can help with dry or rough, reddened skin. Balsam of Peru is suitable for most skin types, soothing the skin and unleashing the natural beauty. Peru Balsam Oil is also widely used in wound care and skin challenges to help reduce the presence of unwelcome microbial activity. It can be used during times of respiratory congestion to help you breathe easier.

Emotionally and energetically, Peru Balsam Essential Oil is warming, opening, and comforting. This wonderful aroma helps soothe out-of-control emotions, calms nervous tension, and can promote a tranquil environment. Balsam of Peru Oil also help bolster restful sleep and promotes a comforting effect on the emotions.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

EU Declaration