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In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic situation, our supply chain has hugely been affected and we had to reduce our stocks of some of our products (particularly hydrosols and body butters). We will be back in stock with most of our products once things start getting back to normal. Apart from this, almost all of the essential oils, carrier oils and absolutes are in stock with us. We request your patience and understanding during these difficult times.


Spike Lavender Essential Oil | French Lavandula Latifolia Oil - Nature In Bottle

Lavandula latifolia


CAS Number: 8016-78-2 ; 84837-04-7

FEMA Number: 3033

EINECS Number: 284-290-6

Product Code:  PEO1147

INCI Name:  Lavandula Latifolia Herb Oil


SYNONYMS  Lavandula latifolia Medik., Lavandula spica subsp. latifolia

COMMON NAMES  Broadleaved Lavender, Portuguese Lavender

EXTRACTION METHOD  Steam Distilled Essential Oil

ORIGIN  France



Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

EU Declaration



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Our organically crafted Spike Lavender Essential Oil, also called Portugese Lavender Essential Oil, is steam distilled from the brilliantly purple flowers of the Lavandula latifolia plant, harvested from breathtaking fields dotting parts of the rural French landscape. Lavandula latifolia is a coarser plant with broader leaves and spiked flowers. Spike Lavender Oil has an exquisitely sweet, slightly spicy, green-floral and camphoraceous aroma.

While True Lavender (called interchangeably Lavandula angustifolia, L. officinalis and L. vera) thrives more at high altitudes, Spike Lavender (called interchangeably Lavandula latifolia and Lavandula spica) grows naturally at lower altitudes on the same sunny hills in the south of France. This difference in growing environments explains why Spike Lavender Oil contains more Camphor, the chemical responsible for its sweet herbaceous-camphoraceous smell.


Along with helping to manage minor pain and inflammation, Spike Lavender Essential Oil is often selected to assist in reducing the presence of unwanted bacterial and fungal growth, and help ease unwanted muscle spasms. This essential oil is also regularly incorporated into blends for healthy lung support. Because of its relaxing and stimulating effects, Spike Lavender Essential Oil also helps in regulating sleep, calmness, mental alertness and stress-related conditions, including depression.

Spike Lavender Oil has powerful antiseptic properties that help soothe and heal cuts, burns and damaged or scarred skin. Spike Lavender Essential Oil is also deeply skin nourishing and often used in skin care blends for bringing freshness and vitality to the skin. This essential oil is perfect in a facial toner, facial mask, bath salt blend, or salt scrub recipe. Furthermore, it can handle symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and other unsightly inflammatory skin conditions.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

EU Declaration