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Tagetes Absolute | Organic Tagete Essential Oil - Nature In Bottle

Tagetes minuta


CAS Number: 8016-84-0 ; 91770-75-1

FEMA Number: 3040

EINECS Number: 294-862-7

Product Code:  PAO2033

PART USED Flowering Tops

SYNONYMS  Tagetes erecta
Tagetes minuta L. var bipinata

COMMON NAMES  Mexican Marigold, Khaki Bush, Southern Marigold, Wild Marigold, Indian Marigold

EXTRACTION METHOD  Organic Extraction (Hexane Free)

ORIGIN  Madagascar



Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)



Our organically crafted Tagetes Absolute, is extracted from the bright-orange flowers of the Tagetes minuta plant, also called the Mexican Marigold and Khaki Bush. It is a thick greenish brown liquid displayng a rich, sweet, herbaceous bouquet with a dry, fruity, leathery, balsamic undertone of fine tenacity. In natural perfumery, Tagetes Absolute is used in herbal accords, high class florals, chypre, amber bases, colognes.

Tagetes is essentially a weed with deeply divided, dark green leaves with numerous ornamental yellowish-orange carnation-like flowers. Commonly known as a Marigold, Tagetes should not be confused with Calendula (Calendula officials) which goes by the same common name. For millennia, indigenous peoples of South America, particularly Peru, have been using Tagetes as a flavorful beverage, a condiment, and as a decoction made by steeping the dried plant in boiling water to use for the common cold, respiratory distress, and digestive system complaints.


Tagetes Absolute is a fantastic choice when looking to support healthy lung function when one is feeling congested from a cold or sinus infection. Along with helping to support healthy lung and airway activity, Tagetes Absolute Oil is often used to help reduce the presence of unwanted bacterial or fungal activity. Tagetes Absolute is helpful when wanting to soothe unwelcome muscle spasms and to help reduce minor pain and inflammation, especially relating to hot, painful joints. It is also a fabulous oil for skin support and is often used to clear and soothe bacterial or viral skin challenges such as boils and herpes.

Emotionally and energetically, Tagetes Absolute Oil relaxes and calms. It is believed to have mild euphoriant properties that can help with relaxation and calming the mind in times of anxiety and stress. Using Tagetes Absolute in blends as an aphrodisiac adds depth and complexity.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)