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White Ginger Lily Absolute | Organic White Ginger Lily Essential Oil - Nature In Bottle

Hedychium coronarium


CAS Number: 94334-08-4

EINECS Number: 305-088-7

Product Code:  PAO2044


SYNONYMS  Hedychium coronarium J.Koenig

COMMON NAMES  White Garland-Lily, White Ginger Lily, Butterfly Lily

EXTRACTION METHOD  Organic Extraction (Hexane Free)




Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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Our organically crafted White Ginger Lily Absolute Oil, also referred to as White Ginger Lily Essential Oil is extracted from the immensely fragrant white butterfly-like flowers of the Hedychium coronarium [Family: Zingiberaceae], native to East India, China, Myanmar and Taiwan. Our White Lily Absolute possesses a characteristic rich, unearthly, creamy, sensual and exotic floral aroma with soft, spicy, ginger-like undertones.

White Ginger Lily is the National Flower of Cuba, where it is known as mariposa blanca, literally meaning white butterfly flower. It is highly concentrated absolute oil, which is brown in color and is intoxicatingly sweet smelling, with sedative and tranquilizing effect when inhaled.


In natural perfumery, White Ginger Lily Absolute is used in garland bouquets, sacred perfumes, high-class florals, and Oriental bouquets. It also makes an excellent choice as a rich and exotic fragrance in skin and hair care products. In skincare, White Ginger Lily Oil is used to hydrate, condition, soothe, and calm the skin. It exfoliates, repairs damage, promotes the skin's regeneration, diminishes the appearance of the signs of aging, and creates a hydrating, and can also help treat topical skin ailments, such as eczema and rosacea.

Emotionally and energetically, White Ginger Lily Absolute Oil is nourishing and balancing, widely used in aromatherapy to treat individuals suffering from depression as it tends to help in creating a feeling of exuberance, tranquility and a sense of security. It is also thought to be a potent aphrodisiac.


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)