aka Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil Blend, Ajna Chakra Blend, Guru Chakra Essential Oil Blend

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The Third Eye Chakra, or Ajna, is the energy center within our bodies that is responsible for intuition, manifesting, reality, thought, and self-awareness, being located in the middle of the forehead just above the eyes. Being associated with the color Indigo and the element of Light, Third Eye Chakra symbolizes our connection to wisdom and intuition, allowing us to access the inner guidance that comes from deep within our being. This chakra is also associated to the pineal gland inside our brain which in charge of regulating biorhythms, including sleep and wake time.

Our Third Eye Chakra Blend combines Ylang Ylang, Pink Lotus, Lavender, Clary Sage, Scots Pine, Elemi and Frankincense Frereana essential oils to create a synergetic blend that brings calmness and peace to the mind while promoting expanded imagination to access deeper truths.


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When the Third Eye Chakra is out of balance, it can lead to a foggy, tired, and indecisive state of being. Those with an open and balanced Third Eye Chakra have a clear internal vision, deeper understanding of the world, strong intuition, natural inclination towards calmness, and feel well-grounded in their decision making.

Our Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil Blend is specially crafted with calming aromas to aid in restoring balance and awakening the Third Eye Chakra.

Add to a personal inhaler, a drop or two to a tissue wafted away from the nose, or in a aroma diffuser. Take deep inhalations to quiet the conscious mind, encourage introspection, and connect to a higher state of consciousness.

Topical Application:
Dilute in a carrier oil (5% to 10%) and apply the dilution between the brows, at the bridge of the nose by gently touching or massaging in a clockwise direction.

Our Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil Blend is not diluted. This pure and undiluted essential oil blend is best used in a diffuser. If topical application is preferred, we do recommend to dilute prior to applying the blend topically. You can also use our online Custom Blending Tool to create and order your own customised blends using the Chakra Essential Oil Blends.
Chakras are the concentrated energy centers in the body that are used in a variety of meditation and yoga techniques, as well as religious practices. These chakras regulate all parts of our bodily system, influencing everything from emotional processing to the immune system and the vital functioning of our organs. Chakra translates to wheel in Sanskrit, and one can imagine them like wheels of free-flowing positive energy.

There are seven chakras positioned throughout your body, starting at the top of our head and ending at the bottom of our spine. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color, and has a different purpose, corresponding to specific physical, emotional, and spiritual states of being.
Anytime a chakra becomes blocked or imbalanced, it can throw us off balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Chakra Balancing is the process of restoring harmonious and balanced flow of prana throughout the body. When our chakras are well balanced, it brings feelings of wellbeing, relaxation, stability, and embodiment of ourselves.
Aromatherapy is deeply connected to chakra healing, and can be enormously beneficial to harmonise the chakras. Our Chakra Essential Oil Blends combine the therapeutic benefits of different essential oils to aid in opening and balancing the chakras. The idea is to use activating essential oils to energize sluggish chakra function or calming oils to quiet over-active ones. Our special Chakra Blends of both activating and calming oils will tend to have an overall balancing and supportive benefit to the chakras. Chakra Essential Oil Blends can be used in baths, in massages and even in diffusers to help restore the balance and strengthen any weakness.

2 years

When used as directed, there are no safety concerns with this essential oil blend. We always recommend doing a patch test for sensitivity.